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The time is 1776 and the aristocratic Lee family of Virginia is in peril – the victims of a Tory plot. To flush out the would-be assassin, the family invites all their neighbors, Tory and Revolutionary, to a dinner at Stratford Hall. Before they can even discover who is after them they find the assassin dead in their midst. Flummoxed, they must now find out who killed the killer! Unfortunately, the Lees are not much help to themselves. Arthur is an utter fop more interested in fashions and young ladies than sleuthing. Henry is forever writing speeches for the Continental Congress. Elizabeth would normally have solved the entire problem herself but something is definitely amiss with the widow. Missy and her beau, Dr. Hall, are a bit too preoccupied with each other. That leaves Toby, Arthur’s manservant. But what is he to do? His every moment is spent attending to Arthur. It is up to the audience to help poor Toby solve this mystery and right the ship of the American Revolution, gone slightly astray in the straights of Stratford.

Life, Libety & the Pursuit of Tories

Revolutionary spies and murder!

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