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The Trusty Keg

An adventure in the Wild, Wild West!

Welcome to Westanuthinville, home of The Trusty Keg, the best saloon in town. Well, truth be told, the only saloon in town. Richmond Red owns The Trusty Keg and she runs a clean establishment – the gamblin’ and rough-housin’ are fine with her as long as she’s selling whisky and they clean up after themselves. Westanuthinville is the only place for miles around with real law and order as it has both a Sheriff and a Judge. Of course, the sheriff has his eye on the Governor’s mansion and the judge, well, the judge is a bit ‘teched. The Keg is always lively and fun but this evening is a bit unusual with several strangers arriving on the same night followed by gunshots. The shots themselves don’t bother Red but her customers keeling over right in front of her is a bit alarming.

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