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Death By Cuckoo
Jack Jouett's heroic 40 mile ride to save thomas Jefferson

Jack Jouett Practice.jpg

Our newest play in our Virginia History Mystery series, Death by Cuckoo features the unhknown but heroic Louisa County Revolutionary War hero, Jack Jouett.

Death by Cuckoo tells the miraculous story of how Jack Jouett was able to leave Cuckoo Tavern in Louisa County, VA and rode overland 40 miles in the dark of night to warn Thomas Jefferson at Monticello that Bloody Tarleton was on his way to capture him.  Tarleton's short stop for food at Cuckoo Tavern became extended because of the quick thinking of the tavern owner and serving wrench.  It did help that these American patriots knew that Tarleton's was in a hurry to capture Jefferson and they were determined that he would fail.  And he did!

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